The aim of this study was to evaluate antibiosis and antixenosis as resistance mechanisms in three accessions (BGH-425, BGH-426, and Ch) of piquin chili in laboratory and greenhouse conditions. Presenta dimorfismo sexual, siendo la hembra de mayor tamaño con una coloración verde de patrón uniforme.El macho puede presentar coloraciones verdes o cafes con manchas oscuras. Nombre común: chapulín, saltamontes, chocho Clase: Insecta Orden: Orthoptera Familia: Pyrgomorphidae Género: Sphenarium Especie: Sphenarium purpurascens Ch. 0000002426 00000 n All small-sized insects were males, the medium-size category had 60% females and 40% males, and the large-size category was 100% female. xref Cuba 94 was not significantly different from the three entries with the exception of having greater 7-day damage scores in 2019. The fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Staphylinids were collected throughout 1 year by a Malaise trap at Tula, Tamaulipas, Mexico. y Brachymeria sp. The pest has become resistant to several classes of insecticide and Bt-maize grown in some geographical areas. This content is available for download via your institution's subscription. Three species of whiteflies associated with avocado were identified. En esta nota se describe por primera vez, hasta donde se sabe, el comportamiento de cuidado parental en el ciempiés Scolopendra morsitans Linnaeus para Chamela, México. In the laboratory, antixenosis was evaluated by non-preference for oviposition, antibiosis by infinitesimal rate of increase (r) and finite rate of increase (λ), and repellency by percentage of mites killed. To promote development of a sustainable management program, eight Nicaraguan rice varieties were evaluated in greenhouse and field experiments for resistance to the pest. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), is an economically important insect with larvae damaging maize (Zea mays L.) leaves and ear tissue. Currently, 65 species, 71 genera, and 14 subfamilies of staphylinids have been identified and recorded from the state. This is a new geographical expansion of L. clypealis in Texas, and sorghum represents a new host plant association for the species. stigmaticus. Eight genera [Aleodorus, Homalota?, Phanerota, Tachiona (Aleocharinae), Cyparium (Scaphidiinae), Quedius, Xantholinus (Staphylininae), and Sepedophilus (Tachyporinae) are new records for Tamaulipas. Este flavonol aislado de F3 fue caracterizado por RMN de 1H y 13C. On local and regional scales, the study revealed many hawk moths species in tropical semi-deciduous forest. We collected a single female from a pitfall trap in Big Gypsum Valley, Colorado, in July 2012. Preference for oviposition by whitefly in two soybean genotypes was evaluated, and a profile of volatile compounds in healthy plants was obtained. The clinical confirmation of the presence of the mite species in Mexico can impact differential diagnosis of feline dermatological diseases in Mexico, especially when clinical signs such as poor coat condition and alopecia are present on the sacrum area, perineum, tail, hind legs, and inguinal area. The objective for the study was to test maize germplasm developed from Ecuador for resistance to leaf-feeding fall armyworm. 0000000016 00000 n The sex of 10 insects of each of small (81.768-109.202 µm), medium (124.896-127.325 µm), and large sizes (143.668-186.901 µm) (16 males and 14 females) was corroborated by extraction of the genitalia. T. vaporariorum had 96% similarity with 13 previous records of the same species. Pruebas fitoquímicas clásicas comprobaron la presencia de alcaloides, flavonoides, taninos, cumarinas, antracenos, saponinas, triterpenos, y/o esteroides, en DvEM, para identificar los grupos de compuestos presentes y así llevar a cabo la estrategia de separación química. A comprehensive summary of associated host plants is also presented, describing 44 plant associations in 20 plant families for L. clypealis. Brahea berlandieri es una palma endémica del noreste de México catalogada como especie sujeta a protección especial. Registered users receive a variety of benefits including the ability to customize email alerts, create favorite journals list, and save searches. Fruit of hardy parlor palms are a source of protease inhibitors targeting intestinal enzymes of the evaluated Orthoptera and could be considered strong candidates in future studies for identification and characterization of the inhibitors and their potential use in biological control. En ambos años el spinetoram fue el más efectivo en el control del GBR. In total, 178 specimens of 41 species, 18 genera, four tribes, and three subfamilies were recorded. La fracción F3 obtenida de un extracto metanólico de D. viscosa (DvEM), exhibió una actividad afidicida del 70% frente a M. sacchari en una concentración de 10,000 ppm a las 72 horas en dieta artificial. No existe evidencia que sustente la presencia de Ae. stigmaticus en México, por lo que esta especie es removida de la lista de especies mexicanas, reduciendo el número de especies en México a 234. Las densidades de palomillas y porcentajes de nueces dañadas por el GBR en 2016 y 2017 fueron bajos en la huerta tratada con spinetoram (3.7 y 7.7 palomillas/trampa/semana, 2.0 y 5.0% de daño), intermedios en la huerta aplicada con benzoato de emamectina y methoxifenozide (10.0 y 23.0 palomillas/trampa/semana, 12.0 y 14.0% de daño), y altos en la huerta tratada con clorpirifos y cipermetrina (21.9 y 28.9 palomillas/trampa/semana, 15.0 y 34.0% de daño), así como en la huerta sin tratamiento (11.6 y 30.4 palomillas/trampa/semana, 39.0 y 63.0% de daño). This complements the precision by other authors who determined the sex of adults of P. truncatus. Persistent strains of entomopathogenic nematodes were released in May 2017 by the New Mexico State University Rex E. Kirksey Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari into an irrigated alfalfa field not known to be infested with whitefringed beetle. No hubo correlación entre la densidad poblacional y los aspectos climáticos analizados, pero se observó una tendencia a una mayor densidad en los meses más cálidos y secos. Inhibition of intestinal proteases by several plant species constitutes a major defense strategy against insects. In the laboratory, females survival was 60, 80, 80 and 93.33% on BGH-426, BGH-425, Ch and bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), respectively. Se colectaron 1,362 ejemplares que pertenecen a 19 especies. Several anatomical characters to distinguish instars, including body size, body color, and select morphological characters were described. El objetivo de este estudio fue determinar las especies y abundancia estacional de los cicadélidos asociados a plantaciones comerciales de arándano, en Jalisco, México. Este último índice entomológico fue más sensible a factores como el saneamiento de las casas, inducido por las evaluaciones entomológicas. Consumption of mezcal in Mexico and its international exportation is increasing. Using external morphology to determine the sex of adults of the species is difficult. 0000008312 00000 n LC50 and LC90 for strain 6MaEM under controlled conditions were 1.7 × 105 and 1.0 × 106 conidia/ml compared to 1.7 × 106 and 7.1 × 106 for strain 9MaEM. The most abundant species were Eumorpha satellitia (Linnaeus), Xylophanes pluto (Fabricius), Nyceryx riscus (Schaus), and X. libya (Druce). No se observaron ovitrampas afectadas y la accesibilidad a las casas fue constante durante el tiempo del monitoreo. Lynxacarus radovskyiTenorio, 1974, is a mite that infests domestic and wild cats. Treatments were mixtures of nematode species Steinernema carpocapsae (NY 001) + S. feltiae (NY 04) or S. feltiae (NY 04) + Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Oswego) in a randomized complete block design with four replications near nontreated check plots. Sepedophilus, Byoporus (Tachyporinae), and Palaminus (Paederinae) were the most abundant genera. The grasshopper Sphenarium purpurascens (Charpentier) (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae) is one of the most important pests of crops in Mexico. Densities were 40-46 and 31-47% lower on Fedearroz 2000, Linea 34, and Altamira 1N varieties than on the most susceptible variety, INTA Dorada, in the first and second field experiments, respectively. 0000138378 00000 n The damage can increase under stress in R. mangle, caused by environmental factor generating potential damage to tropical sentinel ecosystems that can eventually become irreversible. Average 14-day scores for experimental maize lines GEMN-0095 (5.8), GEMN-0096 (5.7), and GEMN-0133 (5.6) were moderately resistant and 7- and 14-day scores for these entries were not significantly different across both years. Se describe una nueva especie de mosca blanca Aleuropleurocelus eriogonum Carapia-Ruiz sp. Molecular analysis was done using the COI gene. Causan daños por succión de nutrimentos, obstrucción del flujo vascular, y por la transmisión de fitopatógenos causales de enfermedades. The objective for this study was to test experimental lines derived from maize germplasm XL370A for resistance to leaf feeding by fall armyworm. The intestinal proteolytic activity of both orthopteran species was related to serine and cysteine proteases. El IPO tuvo una correlación positiva fuerte (rho = 0.894) con la temperatura; la correlación fue menor con el IC (rho = 0.526). 0000013440 00000 n In addition, percentage of parasitism of green peach aphid, Myzus persicae Sulzer (Hemiptera: Aphididae), after plants were treated with five soil-applied systemic insecticides was determined in a greenhouse. Plants were grown in the field and artificially infested at the seven-leaf stage with fall armyworm. glabriusculum (Dunal) Heiser & Pickersgill, is a wild species of chili pepper and a major source of phytochemical compounds such as phenolic compounds, flavonoids, capsaicinoids, carotenoids, tocopherols, ascorbic acid, and volatile compounds. Se encontró un índice de herbivoría de 11%, por lo que P. beltrani no debe ser considerada como plaga defoliadora de la palma, ya que tiene una baja posibilidad de poner en riesgo la persistencia poblacional de B. berlandieri. Con la finalidad de actualizar el listado de especies de mosquitos en Tabasco se realizaron colectas en la localidad Tierra Adentro 2ª sección, municipio de Jalpa de Méndez. Whiteflies (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) are a secondary pest of the crop, but are associated with reduction in tree vigor and yield. Specimens were collected in the State of Morelos at altitudes of 1,736 m (“Tlayacapan” orchard, municipality of Tlayacapan), 1,934 m (“Tlalnepantla B” orchard, municipality of Tlalnepantla), and 2,230 m (“Tlalnepantla A” orchard, municipality of Tlalnepantla). Vuill. Los compuestos identificados mostraron variación proporcional entre los grupos de insectos estudiados. Los cicadélidos fueron colectados con trampas amarillas, cada dos semanas, en el periodo de abril de 2018 a abril de 2019. Smith) en Durango, México. 0000004693 00000 n Los cicadélidos (Cicadellidae) se encuentran entre las plagas que afectan el cultivo de arándano (Vaccinium spp.) Protease inhibition capacity by fruit of hardy parlor palms (Chamaedorea radicalis Mart.) and Metarhizium anisopliae (Metchnikoff) Sorokin on webworm larvae. Los resultados muestran que el ciclo biológico fue diferente en los tres grupos, los criados con dieta artificial tardaron 57.6 y 58.9 días en completar el ciclo, y los criados con hojas de maíz 66.9 días. However, the efficacy of this mechanism depends on the diversity and concentration of enzymatic components in insects and susceptibility of intestinal activity. The objective of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.-Criv.) The average length of trichomes of Nainari was 311 microns and in the experimental line was 342. Contact, Password Requirements: Minimum 8 characters, must include as least one uppercase, one lowercase letter, and one number or permitted symbol. However, other damage characteristics such as perforation size and gallery volume were significantly related to insect presence. El gusano cogollero, Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), está distribuido en todo el continente americano y recientemente en el continente africano y en Asia. 2922 0 obj <>stream %%EOF Content Email Alerts notify you when new content has been published. Similar numbers of thrips were collected with conventional methods and the new collecting device. Se actualiza la riqueza de especies de mosquitos en el estado de Durango, México, obtenida en 28 localidades. The three accessions of piquin chili were most resistant to T. merganser. The multiyear persistence of S. feltiae ‘NY 04' and perhaps H. bacteriophora ‘Oswego’ in the arid Southwestern US was not reported previously. 0000003244 00000 n Estos resultados indican que el uso de insecticidas convencionales tuvo un impacto negativo en el parasitismo natural. Fourth-instar nymphs were mounted in Canada balsam. 2891 0 obj <> endobj K. Koch, and apple, Malus domestica Borkh., being difficult to control because of the silk web formed by the larval stage for protection. Densidades, Daños y Parasitismo del Gusano Barrenador del Ruezno, Cydia caryana ... Pathogenicity of Metarhizium spp. Sequences obtained, edited, and assembled were compared with those of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) database. 0000006668 00000 n Palabras clave: Argemone mexicana, Ricinus communis, daños, producción. Data from museum collections of Z. tetracanthus suggested the insect has a univoltine life cycle. Entomopathogenic fungi used as biological control agents in different agroecosystems are natural enemies of the insect. In total, 60 specimens were collected, 54 identified to genera, and six to subfamilies Aleocharinae and Pselaphinae. The study compared the number of thrips collected and collection time by a new method of top-canopy spraying with an original device that is more efficient and practical versus two other collection methods, beating and conventional spraying. 0000000958 00000 n Los resultados demostraron que este tipo de flavonoides mayoritarios en DvEM pueden ser considerados como una alternativa para el desarrollo de nuevos insecticidas, constituyendo una opción ante los productos químicos tóxicos que actualmente se encuentran en el mercado. h���A 0ð4�v\Gc���������z�C. However, ecological studies and inventories are scarce. El perfil químico de DvEM realizado por HPLC indica que la fracción F3 está constituida por flavonoides, destacando la presencia de rutina.

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