Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. Antes de 2006, E3, aún no había decidido un nombre para Taven, y se referían a él sólo como "Bob" o "Héroe". Dark Kahn est une fusion de Shao Kahn et de Darkseid. Armageddon Bio Kard: "Son of the Edenian god Argus, Taven awoke from a centuries-long sleep to a future where powerful kombatants wreak havoc upon the realms. Cette somme a toutefois été retranchée de la partie finale. Cela rend les fins de Taven non canoniques. With Raiden, Taven walked through the portal to Edenia, while he was surprised Raiden had sided with the enemy. L'un des drakeswords de Daegon est en fait celui de Taven. Après avoir acquis son armure, Taven porte la seule pièce de poitrine ornée qui est encore noire avec une plus grande quantité d'accents dorés et de bijoux incrustés sur elle, ainsi que des protège-bras plus formels pour remplacer ses simples noirs. Bien qu'Ed Boon n'ait pas aimé le nom Taven, il l'a gardé comme le nom final. Formé du même coup de lancer que certains personnages. He killed Kia and Jataaka, but unknowingly freed Sareena from Quan Chi's control. Status Taven a fait sa première apparition dans Mortal Kombat : Armageddon comme protagoniste du jeu. demanded Taven. –-Raven's battlecry (Mortal Kombat 2012). Shinnok wonders if he had chosen the right brother, telling Daegon that Taven defeated his illusions faster than Daegon did. En excluant les personnages invités (Kratos, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Predator, Alien et Leatherface), Taven est actuellement l'un des trois personnages qui ne sont jouables que dans un jeu, les deux autres étant Daegon et Onaga. "You are not the one I seek", she muttered with embarrassment as she fled the chamber. Il a fait ses débuts dans Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Taven as seen in Kenshi's MKX ending. Intrigued, Orin asked where the weapon was and Taven responded it was stolen long ago. ", Later on, Taven found Reiko. Lame à impulsion (MK:A Konquest)Sceptre de glace (MK:A Konquest)Gantelets (MK:A Konquest)Marteau de Troll (MK:A Konquest)Épée de feu (MK:A Konquest). Standing over his brother’s fallen body, Taven heard from Blaze the true purpose of his quest. Taven emerged victorious, defeating his brother. Taven wondered about Shinnok's intentions, and wanted to know if Orin knew anything about Shinnok’s change of heart, so he went back to Orin’s chamber. The torture device broke down during the attack and Taven was freed. He says that Taven won most of the “games" between him and his brother. Taven eventually encountered Sub-Zero himself, who told him he was trespassing and also attacked him. Inside the Red Dragon Caverns, Taven finally met Daegon. Dark Kahn. Taven continued to make his way out of the caverns, until he found Reptile, demanding Daegon's dragon, Caro, to close a portal. En mode Konquest, cette attaque est utilisée pour activer les commutateurs Ground Pound placés dans le sol. Reiko tried to recruit Taven, but he refused, prompting kombat, but the General of Shao Kahn's army was defeated. With Shao Kahn's threat still looming, many years before Armageddon, Taven and his brother Daegon were put to sleep by their father, Argus, who intended to send his sons in a quest to save the realms from Armageddon. (MK:A). Quan Chi wanted them all to align or the end of Darkness would occur, but the Dragon King, Onaga, wanted to go out on his own; Shao Kahn took exception to this, and said that they had to unite. Taven watches as Kenshi kills Daegon. Au début de son développement de personnage, Taven a été surnommé "Hero" et "Bob", mais ces noms ont été abandonnés plus tard et l'équipe Midway a décidé de l'appeler Taven. https://mortal-kombat.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Taven?oldid=1880, Feu Intérieur : Taven fait exploser une boule de feu sur son adversaire. Shinnok would help Taven find Daegon, but he wanted the demons to leave his throne. He made his appearance in Mortal Kombat (2011) in the background but made his official appearance in Mortal Kombat ll (2012). Taven asked what the Red Dragon were doing there, to what Kano responded that they were trying to create real red dragons with real test subjects, and began to run away, leaving Taven frustrated with more questions. After the short conversation Orin teleported Taven to the north, where he would find his mother's gift for him. Trying to force Taven out of Earthrealm, Fujin attacked Taven, who defeated him and said they have been allies for many ages, before heading into the mountain. He was taken to the frozen lands of Arctika, a land occupied by the Tengu, the Snow Ninja and the Lin Kuei. Origin In Mortal Kombat After hearing the explanation for the Thunder God, Taven and him engaged in kombat, from which Taven emerged victorious. Wandering through the fortress, Taven made his way into the dungeons' doors and questioned himself where he would find Quan Chi. Bizarrement, Taven a été vu sans son armure (à ce moment-là en mode Konquest, il l'avait déjà obtenue). Les Fatalities de Taven ne se font qu'en mode Konquest d'Armageddon. Taven est un personnage de la série de jeux de combat Mortal Kombat. John Vogel a également confirmé sur Twitter que Shao Kahn a vaincu Blaze. The series takes place in a fictional universe composed of six realms, which were created by the Elder Gods. As a god, he is used to thinking in terms of eternity rather than normal human lifespans, and so he has a radical… Once Taven was awaken by his dragon, Orin, Orin told him that there was a competition between Taven and Daegon, but that he didn't know the details of the quest Taven was about to embark on. Caro then claimed that Daegon had killed Taven's mother and father, and that he believed he was to blame for such acts, so he wished to atone for his mistake. C'est un supermove utilisé uniquement en mode Konquest. Elder GodsArgusDeliaOrinCaroRaidenFujinShujinkoSub-ZeroSareenaWu LaeShinnok Raiden is the eternal God of Thunder, protector of Earthrealm, and arguably one of the most powerful characters in all of Mortal Kombat. In Charred Mountain, Taven was confronted by an old ally, Fujin. Un des rares personnages qui n'ont pas d'objet relique à trouver en mode Konquest (avec Chameleon et Khameleon). Raiden had struck a deal with Shao Kahn that would make him spare Earthrealm, but in return, Raiden would stop Taven from completing his quest. Species He needed to do something in order to stop the forces from invading Edenia. Taven eventually defeated Rain, who escaped through a watery portal. Contrary to his appearance, he is actually the younger brother of Taven. After defeating these two warriors, Taven was suddenly confronted by another Black Dragon member, Kabal. After they left, Raiden appeared and told Taven to not go through the portal. Head Pop : Taven coupe la tête de son ennemi en deux. Taven contemplated abandoning the quest, but he had come too far. Resides Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He told him that place was his stronghold; Daegon formed the Red Dragon many ages ago. Un tatouage de dragon est montré sur le côté droit de son visage, un miroir à celui que son jeune frère Daegon porte. Certain that Wu Lae was speaking of his mother's temple, Taven decided to head for the temple. Mortal Kombat X. Taven is freed from his sleep by Kenshi and Takeda as seen in Takeda's MKX ending. Blaze went on explaining that all the warriors were engaged in Mortal Kombat at the foot of the pyramid, if they weren't stopped, they would bring Armageddon. The portal led Taven to Shao Kahn's Fortress, a place filled with perils that would certainly test his strength. General Information In there he met the Tengu leader, Wu Lae, who told him that the Lin Kuei, lived in a temple nearby. She then looked towards Taven in satisfaction and asked him to "dance", attacking the Edenian half-god. Taven would then battle Blaze, but ultimately was killed. Where is Blaze?" When Reptile was defeated, Taven kicked a bunch of computers releasing Caro. Taven wanted to see this, so he opened the door of the cell where Shujinko was being held. This left Taven to wonder, "Who was that strange creature?". Deceased As Taven reached for his foe to make his point more strenuously, Mavado snapped away on a concealed elastic cord, disappearing through a hatch, which sealed behind him. While exiting the caves, Taven encountered the Black Dragon warrior, Kano. Sub-Zero demanded Taven to choose a side to fight on, and Taven reluctantly decided to help the Lin Kuei. Argus said he had to choose the successor and that Delia and him had left items for Taven and Daegon. The oni confronted Taven and was defeated. In return, he revealed to Taven that the people with the dragon symbol were members of the Red Dragon clan and also told him that they resided in Charred Mountain. En raison de son statut de demi-dieu, les pouvoirs de Taven ne doivent jamais être sous-estimés et semblent être l'un des personnages les plus puissants à apparaître dans la franchise. A blast of lightning hit Taven and one of the Tekunin appeared, taking Taven who awakens in the Tekunin Warship. Shujinko claimed that Kahn was in his chamber now, and that he allowed himself to be captured because he could get to his chamber from this dungeon, he warned Taven that it was not safe and suggested that he should leave. Daegon said that he wanted the “prize” for himself. "You fight well, young godling, he sneered, but your skills will not save you from the evils that await below.". After the second defeat of Shinnok, he ascended to the status of Elder God. Inside the dungeons, Taven finds the Earthrealm warrior, Shujinko, who intended to kill the emperor, Shao Kahn, alone. Apparently Argus had left a sword for Taven, but it was nowhere to be seen. With that, kombat began between the two, from which, Taven emerged victorious. Rip au torse : Taven déchire son ennemi en deux. At Orin's cave, Taven told Orin about the Red warriors that occupied the Temple of Argus. Good. Arriving at his father's temple Taven placed his hand on the altar and Argus appeared. But should we meet again on the field of battle, you will not be so lucky! Mousqueton au cou : Taven brise le cou de son ennemi. Quan Chi was demanding records from one of his lackeys. The Elder Gods created a fighting tournament called Mortal Kombat to reduce the wars between the realms. Although Taven didn't want to leave Caro behind because Orin and him have always been great friends, he believed that he could handle the Red Dragon even in his wounded state so he went through the portal. Opening the door using his hand as a key, he took and donned the armor inside. Arriving at the temple Taven was immediately attacked by Lin Kuei warriors perceiving him as an intruder. Alignment Taven est un personnage de la série de jeux de combat Mortal Kombat. Reluctant to take on the quest, Taven asked where his father was, to which Orin responded that Taven should go to the Temple of Argus, a place where he would find the answers he sought. Taven est représenté comme un jeune homme aux cheveux foncés et à la barbichette, vêtu d'une tenue entièrement noire avec des protège-bras gris et des accents dorés, incluant un collier en trois pièces et un sceau de dragon sur le dos pour représenter son gardien et ami, Caro. Es el personaje protagonista en el modo Konquest y es un personaje desbloqueable. Taven hizo su primera aparición en Mortal Kombat: Armageddon como héroe del juego. After Taven's victory, Shinnok told him he was forever grateful for Taven's help. (MK:A), Vitesse de la lumière : Taven se précipite instantanément vers son adversaire, se connectant avec trois coups de poing. Il est communément associé à l'élément feu, tout comme Liu Kang. C'est lui qui a provoqué la rencontre et l'affrontement entre le monde de Mortal Kombat et celui des Kryptoniens. The dragon opened a portal that he wished Taven to go through while he would stay there and destroy the Red Dragon's stronghold. Shinnok claimed he was not an Elder God anymore because he angered his fellow Elder Gods. Serving as the main antagonist of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Daegon is the brother of Taven, son of the Edenian protector god Argus and the prophet Delia, and half-brother of Rain. After defeating Kabal, he rushed to his father's temple. The first Mortal Kombat game introduces a tournament in which Earthrealm can be destroyed if it loses once again. (MK:A), Mouvement d'évasion : Taven disparaît et réapparaît ailleurs, ce qui lui permet d'échapper rapidement à ses ennemis. Entering Shao Kahn's Throne Room, Taven saw Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, Onaga and Shao Kahn trying to settle their differences. Reiko alerted Taven that Quan Chi was in the next room, and he is to protect Chi at all costs. He shattered the ice containing Frost and she unexpectedly came back to life. Sektor wanted to know what Taven had learned from the altar in the temple, but Taven refused to answer and told Sektor that he would regret making him a prisoner and torturing him, while Sektor prepared the torture device. Scorpion tried his best to stop Taven from reaching the pyramid, but he failed, and was defeated by the Edenian half-god. Mavado informed Daegon that Blaze had been found, and Daegon left the room, stating that his brother was not to leave his stronghold alive. Add a photo to this gallery. He escaped just before the ship was destroyed and made his way back to Orin. Eventually, Taven encountered Noob, holding an unconscious Sub-Zero. En mode Konquest, cette attaque tuera souvent des ennemis avec un seul coup. He and his brother fought alongside their father and the dragons Orin and Caro, repelling an attempted invasion by Shao Kahn in the realm of Edenia. Mavado’s only response was a sly smile. Goro said he is not to let anyone pass under order of death. Orin told Taven that he had been mortally wounded by the sorcerer Quan Chi. Blaze told Taven that he had to fulfill his obligation, but Taven answered that the quest had destroyed his family. Il a fait ses débuts dans Mortal Kombat : Armageddon. Cameo in MKX as a Kombat Kard background. Le nom d'origine de Taven était Bob. Taven was confused because his brother's henchmen wanted to kill him. They would be awakened one day to fight Blazeand save the realms from Armageddon. Thrust Punch : Taven donne des coups de poing à son ennemi. Later on, Taven encountered a sorcerer from the Netherrealm by the name of Quan Chi. A l'exclusion des Morts de scène, des Morts de Konquête et de la fonction Créer une fatalité, Taven n'a pas de Fatalité spécifique au joueur. Taven’s final blow knocked Frost from her delirium. Eventually, Taven confronted Daegon in battle on the edge of the crater that Armageddon was said to begin in. DaegonShao KahnQuan ChiShang TsungOnagaMavadoRed DragonTekuninSonya BladeReptileSektorScorpionRainShirai RyuMileenaBlack DragonDrahminKiraKobraKabalReikoThe Executioner Taven explained that it contained something left for him. Taven defeated Smoke, who retreated to inform Noob. They were sent to Earthrealm, encased in stone to protect them from harm and assigned two guardians by the name of Orin and Caro. After defeating Mileena, she escaped into the bowels of the fortress with her pride wounded. Allies Il fait un caméo dans Mortal Kombat X dans les deux fins de Takeda et Kenshi, où les deux l'ont libéré d'une stalagmite avec des informations sur l'identité de l'assassin de Suchin. C'est un supermove utilisé uniquement en mode Konquest. While descending through Netherrealm, Taven found the fallen Elder God, Shinnok, battling with Li Mei. While they were talking, a Red Dragon warrior entered the room. Taven affronta donc Blaze en Mortal Kombat et triompha de son ultime adversaire, mais bizarrement, le pouvoir contenu dans son armure ne se déclencha pas, la quête avait échoué… Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. On his way to his father's temple, Taven was confronted by a man named Kobra, he was a warrior alongside a woman named Kira from the Black Dragon, an Earthrealm criminal organization. Drakesword (MK:A)Pulse Blade (MK:A Konquest)Ice Scepter (MK:A Konquest)Gauntlets (MK:A Konquest)Troll Hammer (MK:A Konquest)Fire Sword (MK:A Konquest) Il a un caméo dans Mortal Kombat (2011) dans la première (en fait la dernière) des visions de Raiden, où Taven semble combattre Dark Raiden. Angered by Taven's meddling, Noob challenged him, but was defeated. In Shinnok's Spire,Taven confronted several warriors, including Sheeva, Kintaro and Havik, and by defeating them, he brought Shinnok back to his throne. The portal led to the Netherrealm Cliffs, where Taven found an oni by the name of Drahmin. Taven noted that Caro was injured, and Caro claimed that Daegon had enslaved him there. Il l'utilise sous la forme de boules de feu dévastatrices qui peuvent décimer d'un seul coup des rangées d'adversaires de moindre importance, faire sauter d'un seul coup une fourrière qui secoue la terre et fait sauter les ennemis en l'air et leur donner des coups de poing rapides avec son poing enveloppé dans le feu. Delirious, Frost attacked Taven, thinking he was Sub-Zero, but she soon realized her mistake. Male After the fight, Sub-Zero woke up and thanked Taven for saving his life. He ignored the ichor dripping from his fresh wounds as he leapt over the edge. Taven " Offer your soul to the never ending darkness! " Weapons Bien que, celui-ci est plus grand dans la taille et a une forme différente que les Drakeswords qu'Argus a laissé à ses fils. C'est un demi-dieu et fils du protecteur d'Edenia, Argus, et d'une puissante sorcière qui a la capacité de voir dans le futur, Délia. Raven is a character in the mortal kombat series. After battling more of the new intruders, Taven discovered that they were being created by Smoke, a former Lin Kuei assassin, who was now under the control of Noob Saibot, Sub-Zero's older brother. "Where is he? When Delia foretold the future of the realms as Armageddon, Argus had his sons put into incubation and guarded by two dragons. Comme son frère Daegon, Taven a la capacité de contrôler le feu (contrairement à son demi-frère Rain, qui contrôle l'eau). Taven is depicted as a young man with dark hair and goatee wearing an all black outfit with grey armguards and golden accents, including a three-piece necklace and a sigil of a dragon on his back to represent his guardian and friend, Orin. Dans ses premiers concepts artistiques, Taven était censé avoir un arc comme arme. Il a aussi la particularité d'être le premier personnage introduit dans la série avec une influence sur le temps et l'espace. Shinnok thanked Taven and said he appreciated his loyalty and respect, before informing him that Daegon was not in the Netherrealm any longer, but he could be in Earthrealm, so Shinnok sent him there. Taven then asked Sub-Zero about the dragon symbol worn by the people that were hunting him down. Wiki Mortal Kombat est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Jeux vidéo. Taven a fait sa première apparition dans Mortal Kombat: Armageddon comme protagoniste du jeu. As Goro skulked away, he shouted: "You have bested me this time, son of Argus. Taven thinks he has seen the sorcerer before. Il a la capacité de se téléporter sur de grandes distances et d'arrêter temporairement le temps. With Kintaro defeated, Shinnok sits on his throne. As soon as Taven reached Edenia, which was laying in ruins, he was confronted by Scorpion who appeared saying that it was his job to stop Daegon and Taven from becoming ruler after Argus died. Edenia Sub-Zero claimed that he might know who these people are, but before he could tell Taven, the temple came under attack by mysterious shadow warriors. Shao Kahn later was the one who defeated Blaze. Caro accidentally released Daegon too soon and Daegon failed to realize the true purpose of the quest because of it. After acquiring his armor, Taven wears the single ornate chest piece that is still black with a greater amount of golden accents and jewels encrusted on it, as well as m… Being a god, he possesses many supernatural abilities, such as the ability to teleport, control lightning and fly. Mavado confronted Taven but was defeated. After Taven left, Daegon then appeared behind Shinnok's throne. After making his way out of the dungeons and defeating the giant statue, Taven encountered Goro, and told him that he was looking for Quan Chi. Unaware of his status of fallen Elder God, Taven decided to help Shinnok so he defeated Li Mei. Dans MK:A, NetherRealm Studios voulait que Taven batte Blaze, mais avec l'histoire de Mortal Kombat (2011), il est confirmé que celui qui a battu Blaze est Shao Kahn. Enemies Bien que Daegon ait pris les deux épées dans le temple de son père, Taven a toujours un Drakesword dans le gameplay de Konquest. (MK:A), Arrêt du temps : Taven arrête le temps, gelant les ennemis proches pour une courte période. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://mortalkombat.fandom.com/wiki/Taven/Original_Timeline?oldid=359504. This is a list of playable characters from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series and the games in which they appear. A dragon tattoo is shown on the right side of his face, a mirror to the one his younger brother Daegon bears. Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. The quest would start once Blaze gave the signal to awaken them. Taven told him to leave the dragon alone and Reptile attacked him. The ship starts rocking as the Special Forces started attacking it. Gender Edenia While heading for the temple, Taven was confronted by his half-brother, Rain, who wished to kill Taven and Daegon and take the prize of the contest for himself. The god of wind demanded that Taven returned to Edenia, but Taven refused to do so. (MK:A), L'Anneau de la haine : Taven s'élève dans les airs et écrase son poing dans le sol, provoquant une onde de choc de feu. The lackey claimed that all the records were in his head, so Quan Chi ripped it off, and instructed his henchmen, Jataaka, Sareena and Kia, to kill Taven who had wandered up behind them. After a quick brawl, Sub-Zero recognized the mark on Taven's face to be similar to a carving on an unopened door that was in the temple. With Orin growing weaker, Taven had to enter the portal before it closed, leaving his friend behind. Demi-God Unbeknownst to him, Mileena was behind him, and let Taven know that Quan Chi hasn't been there “in ages”. Sonya came over the intercom and told them to surrender, but instead of surrendering, Sektor initiated his defenses. Limping off in great pain, Reiko remarked, "If I must finally fail in my duty, it is a great irony that it will allow the death of Quan Chi.". (MK:A), Charge Divine : Taven charge vers l'avant, poussant son adversaire avec son épaule dans un spectacle de feu. During his explorations inside, Taven encountered the tomb where Frost's body was lain. The four of them then traveled through a portal to Edenia. Mortal Kombat Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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