The Post spoke to James To Kun-sun, Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung and Ip Kin-yuen about their decision to quit, the state of politics in Hong Kong and what lies ahead for them. Combate Americas and Rizin FF are there, but they don't exactly register as logical adjustments. Though owned by media giants Viacom and aired on the network’s Spike TV channel, Bellator’s has recently made the foray into pay-per-view events, though it will be quite a while before it can catch up and emerge from the shadow of the UFC in this regard. It is also currently the most prominent MMA organization to use the tournament format to determine its title challengers, and has been doing so since it was founded by Bjorn Rebney in 2008. There were unlimited opportunities.”He lost the 2008 election when he switched to contesting in a geographical constituency. He held the record as the youngest lawmaker to win a seat until 2016, when 23-year-old pro-democracy activist Nathan Law Kwun-chung was victorious at the polls. Japan calls on China to take ‘positive action’ on Diaoyu maritime dispute in talks as Wang Yi meets Yoshihide SugaCollin Koh, a research fellow from the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, said that while Beijing might have pulled Seoul closer economically, South Korea’s formal treaty alliance with the US left it with little wiggle room.“The desire would be to maintain close economic ties with China … while maintaining close security links with the US. At the tip of this spear are the biggest MMA promotions in the world that have created and led this phenomenon. Even if Suga wishes to change track, he would likely encounter resistance from within the Japanese policy circle,” Koh said.“Both countries will talk nicely on economic cooperation, yet manoeuvre against each other on the security front.”According to Koh, Wang’s high-level meetings with key Japanese policy elites generated some agreement on economics, which helps with the “optics” of the visit.“Beijing could boast that it’s something accomplished from Wang’s trip in furthering ties with Suga – and it’s something to brandish to the Trump administration and the incoming Biden administration,” he said.Observers also said Wang’s trip provided few clues about whether Beijing would treat its neighbours differently in a post-Trump era, especially considering the international backlash it has faced over its initial handling of the coronavirus and “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy.“Perhaps that will have to wait till the Biden administration’s policy is out,” Sun from the Stimson Institute said. Of those, 62 were linked to the dance venue cluster, bringing the city's largest coronavirus outbreak so far to 479 cases.Get the latest insights and analysis from our Global Impact newsletter on the big stories originating in China.“We have yet to find any epidemiological links between the cases from the three restaurants, but we won’t rule out the possibility that we have not found infected people who visited these places,” said Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan, head of the Centre for Health Protection’s communicable disease branch.“We are very concerned, because both staff and customers have been infected,” she added.It was difficult to determine exactly how the virus had spread within the restaurants, but authorities have classified the cases as a cluster because front-of-house servers, chefs, cleaners and patrons had all been infected, indicating an outbreak.It was possible for staff and customers to pass the coronavirus to each other, especially if they had been chatting, Chuang said.Hongkongers face hefty fines for ignoring Covid-19 test note from doctorChuang also did not rule out the possibility that the restaurant infections could be linked to the still-growing dance venue cluster, which is being regarded as a “super-spreader” group.“The dance cluster is so big, it is also likely the [restaurant cases] came from them, but we would still have to wait for the genetic analysis to be sure,” she said.“Looking at the situation now, it seems the fourth wave will be more severe than the previous one.”Chuang noted that people from the dance venue cluster also took part in other activities outside of dancing, such as teaching piano or classes at community centres, meaning they could have spread the virus to a wide range of people in society.Separately, a staff member at the Fong Shu Chuen Day Activity Centre and Hostel, operated by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, was also among Sunday’s infections, while a resident also tested preliminarily positive, prompting the evacuation of nearly 50 residents.The centre provides day training for people with intellectual disabilities, and Chuang said the situation sometimes made mask-wearing on the premises difficult. Thank you for your feedback. Positive samples dated back to September last year, several months before the world’s first recorded case from early December in China.Get the latest insights and analysis from our Global Impact newsletter on the big stories originating in China.“We’ve reached out to these researchers and they have generously offered to work with us and to collaborate with us on some further studies looking at those samples,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technical lead for Covid-19. Hong Kong authorities are warning of an even more severe fourth wave of coronavirus infections after identifying a new group of cases at three restaurants that may be linked to the ever-expanding “super-spreader” dance venue cluster.More than 10 servers, cleaners and patrons at the three restaurants – Stellar House in Wan Chai, 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Central, and Chuen Cheung Kui in Sheung Wan – have been confirmed sick, with authorities adding the venues to the mandatory testing list.The city recorded 115 new Covid-19 cases on Sunday, the highest daily increase since August 1, when it saw 125 new infections. Australia has three and one is in Britain.If China wants extradition cooperation from those countries, the overall diplomatic language has not helped.The countries in the Five Eyes alliance recently protested against a Beijing decision to oust opposition lawmakers in Hong Kong. * * * ‘The safest way to be a teacher now might be to just stick to the books’: Ip Kin-yuenIp Kin-yuen’s resignation from the Legislative Council brings to an end his eight years of representing Hong Kong’s education sector.Still in the thick of various educational issues, Ip said he was yet to make time to clear his office at the legislature with just two weeks remaining before he left.Among other things, Ip, the vice-president of the Professional Teachers’ Union (PTU), has been helping two primary school teachers, who have been deregistered, to appeal against the authorities’ decision.The Education Bureau acted against the teachers after finding that one used teaching materials that touched on independence for Hong Kong, and the other taught a distorted history of the first opium war in the 19th century.Ip said the education sector had come under unprecedented pressure over the past year, with pro-establishment figures and officials targeting educators and teaching materials following last year’s protests.“The education sector has been continuously suffocated by various attacks. Such countries risk “having their eyes poked out” was the response from Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on November 19.Meantime, Wang at City University in Hong Kong said identifying genuine dissidents and corruption suspects could be difficult and unscrupulous lawyers added to the problem through “asylum mills”.US federal immigration officials have investigated immigration lawyers on charges of helping mostly Chinese immigrants to fraudulently obtain asylum, with one probe in 2012 called “Operation Fiction Writer” resulting in the arrest and conviction of lawyers. We all know what Anderson Silva (34-11 MMA, 17-7 UFC) stands for mixed martial arts and the legacy it has created. Even if it was MMA? A diferencia de empresas de MMA contemporáneas como Shooto, Pancrase se inició con un sistema de reglas muy similar al de la lucha libre. Now headed by the ex-CEO of the now-defunct Strikeforce, Scott Coker, Bellator operates almost entirely in the US with over a hundred events to date, with a number of those taking place in Canada and Europe in recent years as proof of its growing international presence. It is possible that it could be this Sars-CoV-2 virus, specifically, that they are picking up,” he said, referring to the formal name for the new coronavirus.However, Smith said, if that were the case, “the fact that it is picked up in Italy doesn’t necessarily mean that it started in Italy”.“Based on the weight of historical evidence, it’s likely that it emerged in Asia, but it’s impossible to say anything definite about this [at this time],” he said.Infectious diseases specialist Sanjaya Senanayake from the Australian National University said it would be “very interesting to see if things went that far back”.“This would suggest that [the virus] flew under the radar for a long time,” he said, noting there should be “no stone left unturned” when it came to gathering information on Covid-19.He pointed to other signs of an earlier spread, such as the retrospective discovery of a Covid-19 patient in France in late December, nearly a month before the country confirmed its first cases. However, Bellator has recently moved in the direction of attracting younger talent, and Silva apparently doesn't fit the company's current vision. Pomegranate harvest is in full swing on a field Zhorik Grigoryan nearly lost in the recent fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed  Nagorno-Karabakh region. There’s no indication that it might hold another international event on its own again in the future, but Jungle Fight has affiliated itself with new startup Rizin Fighting Federation in Japan, allowing its fighters to compete outside of its promotional barriers. Ipsos MMA understands there is no one-size-fits all solution to MTA. If it seemed that Silva's luck would be better abroad, then that assumption has so far turned out to be wrong. It allows welding MMA … China has said recovered Covid-19 patients must wait at least six months before giving blood.The Beijing News reported that the latest policy would be introduced nationwide despite no proof that people can catch Covid-19 through blood transfusions.It cited a medical practitioner in Wuhan, the city where the disease was first identified, who said traces of the virus have been identified in the urine and blood of patients who were being treated for Covid-19.Get the latest insights and analysis from our Global Impact newsletter on the big stories originating in China.The October issue of Blood, a US-based medical journal, also recorded that traces of the virus had been confirmed in the blood of some serious cases.A haematologist told The Beijing News that although genetic material from the coronavirus has rarely been found in blood donated by asymptomatic patients, it was not possible to completely eliminate the risk of infection.“There is still a lack of solid evidence suggesting the novel coronavirus can be transmitted via blood transfusions. Though it first started out in 1993 as a no-holds-barred clash of fighting disciplines, MMA has since evolved into the beloved combat sport millions of fans around the world today. With over half the world’s population spread across just one continent, it’s not hard to see how this could pay off in a major way in time to come. I was supposed to be in line for retirement, but my colleagues thought I should stay,” said To, now 57. Los puñetazos con la mano cerrada contra la cabeza estaban prohibidos, y las sumisiones podían ser invalidadas si el contendiente sometido tocaba las cuerdas. MOH has confirmed the detection of eight new cases of COVID-19 infection in Singapore, including one local transmission, as of noon on Sunday (29 November). But we will halt all blood donations from recently recovered patients for the safety of blood donors and recipients,” said the specialist.The new guidelines, issued by the National Health Commission, also said someone who had been given the Covid 19 vaccine or a flu shot should wait 28 days before donating blood. Over the past 20 years they have worked tirelessly with US state athletic commissions and international bodies to get the sport globally sanctioned and accepted into the mainstream. * Japan calls on China to take ‘positive action’ on Diaoyu maritime dispute in talks as Wang Yi meets Yoshihide SugaThis article China makes final effort to court Japan and South Korea as Donald Trump heads for the exit first appeared on South China Morning PostFor the latest news from the South China Morning Post download our mobile app. By The lord of darkness | November 27, 2020 | UFC. Sydney recorded its hottest November night as Australia's largest city suffered through a weekend heatwave that saw daytime temperatures peak above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). 0 Response to "Empresas de MMA muy interesadas en Alberto “El Patrón”" Post a comment. “I am a huge Anderson Silva fan. In the first TV interview since losing his re-election bid, President Donald Trump indicated Sunday that he will never concede to Joe Biden and abandon his conspiracy theory about mass ballot fraud. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Populer Post. He returned to Legco  in 2012, after co-founding the Labour Party with pro-democracy stalwart Lee Cheuk-yan the year before. Why is the Five Eyes intelligence alliance in China’s cross hairs?Fox Hunt was set up in 2014 under the Chinese Ministry of Public Security to chase down officials who fled the country amid allegations of wrongdoing. Four Hong Kong lawmakers were disqualified from the Legislative Council this month, immediately after Beijing passed a resolution on November 11 stating that legislators could be removed summarily for flouting a number of prohibited acts, including threatening national security and refusing to endorse China’s sovereignty.Their removal prompted all 15 remaining opposition lawmakers to resign. Iran's president on Saturday accused arch-foe Israel of acting as a US "mercenary" and seeking to create chaos, vowing Tehran would avenge the assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi calls for stronger ties with South KoreaCompared with his one-day visit to Tokyo, which was largely overshadowed by the maritime dispute, Wang appeared to have had a rather easier time managing relations with Seoul, which some analysts described as lower-hanging fruit.Despite growing anti-China sentiment in the country, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his foreign minister, Kang Kyung-wha, have managed to steer largely clear of topics such as China’s handling of Hong Kong, Xinjiang and the South China Sea, to avoid offending Beijing.As a result, both sides reached a 10-point consensus, which included upgrading their diplomatic and security dialogue, stepping up coronavirus cooperation and pushing for a political settlement to the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula.While China appeared more upbeat about building ties with Seoul under the Beijing-friendly Moon, “China’s engaging with South Korea is clearly aimed at undermining the US alliance system in Northeast Asia”, Sun said.“It’s just that South Korea is inevitably entrenched in the alliance arrangement, so things such as THAAD cannot be reversed according to China’s aspirations,” she said, referring to a US ballistic missile defence system installed in South Korea in 2016 that triggered a furious response from Beijing and an unofficial economic boycott.Lee Seong-hyon, director of the Centre for Chinese Studies at the Sejong Institute in South Korea, has argued Wang’s visit was more about the United States than his hosts.In an opinion piece in the Korean Times newspaper, he said Wang’s trip to Seoul and Tokyo, was due to fears that the Biden administration would strengthen their trilateral cooperation to increase the pressure on China.China’s ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming said earlier this month that Seoul would be the first destination President Xi Jinping visited once the coronavirus situation stabilises.But Wang’s visit did not appear to have produced any tangible outcome regarding Xi’s trip, which has already been postponed due to the pandemic.When asked about the issue on Thursday – the day when South Korea reported its biggest daily increase in coronavirus infections – Wang said it could only happen when Covid-19 was under “complete control”. “I understand that for the coming year, it might be hard to assist those in need, but we have no choice.”Cheung, who is married with three children, said for now, he hoped to spend more time with his family, especially his disabled daughter.“I have thought about teaching again but, well, with the new red lines, I wonder if any of the tertiary institutions would hire pan-democrats,” he said. * * * ‘Our sky has fallen apart’: Fernando CheungEntering Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung’s office, one is greeted by the sight of piles of files on welfare and education and more than a dozen charts on the wall, showing the waiting times at various public services.From advocating for job opportunities for the disabled and improved child protection, to assisting those in asylums and prisons, and seeking more places for the elderly in residential care centres, Cheung is well known for his devotion to the vulnerable over 12 years in the Legislative Council.Lately, however, the opposition Labour Party lawmaker has been in the news mainly for political reasons.He was among eight lawmakers and activists arrested earlier this month on charges relating to a chaotic Legco committee meeting in May which descended into shouting and scuffles.Macau-born Cheung, 63, was educated in Hong Kong and the United States, and obtained American citizenship before he returned in 1996 to teach social work at Polytechnic University.He gave up his US citizenship to run for Legco in 2004 representing the social welfare sector, and defeated his rival Peter Cheung Kwok-che by just 64 votes. “If anything, China’s assertive policies to date, not least over the East China Sea issue, provided strong justification to continue with Abe’s policies. The World Health Organization is looking into controversial research suggesting the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 was circulating in Italy months before it was first detected in China, the health body said on Friday, while cautioning against using such data to speculate about the disease’s origins.The WHO plans to run tests with the Italian researchers who made waves earlier this month for their peer-reviewed findings based on tests of blood samples from a cancer screening carried out starting before the pathogen was detected in China.The team found antibodies specific to the coronavirus in over 11 per cent of the 959 subjects. At its best, the party had four members in the legislature from 2012 to 2016.“Our sky has fallen apart now,” he said. Instead of trying to take over the global sphere of MMA, it is focusing almost exclusively on the sleeping giant that is Asia. And although medical technology has greatly increased our chances of surviving cancer, the impact on our finances can be dire. Some have demanded that the names and schools of teachers found guilty of misconduct be revealed, and urged the government to mete out the heaviest penalties possible in such cases.Ip’s union, the PTU, has also been targeted by the bureau, pro-Beijing figures and state media. Nobody seems too keen on doing business with former UFC champion Anderson Silva. The sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) has swept across the globe like a tidal wave in less than a generation, charting one of the most remarkable trajectories of growth the world has ever witnessed for a sport. Dance off: the niche Hong Kong social scene behind city’s biggest Covid-19 clusterA staff member at another centre run by the Tung Wah Group in Tai Kok Tsui, the Ho Yuk Ching Willow Lodge, which provides care services to the elderly, has also tested preliminary positive for the coronavirus.Health authorities are still unsure if residents at the homes had left the centres at any time.Several schools will also have to shut down, including Saint Clare’s Primary School in Sai Ying Pun, where all staff and students must undergo testing after a 10-year-old student tested positive.St. He is one of the best fighters in the history of this sport. It merges electrodes such as 6010, 6011, 6013 and 7018. The organization now counts in its ranks the deepest roster of fighters in the world, consisting of top athletes from the Western hemisphere including global icons like Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, and Jon Jones. As the first-ever major MMA promotion, the UFC is where it all began. In 2016, 19 of those on the list were extradited, followed by 13 the next year, and dropping to four in 2018 and six last year.The last reported case was on September 11 last year – the extradition of Huang Ping, former general manager of state-owned Guanghong Huaqiao Aluminium Processing Co.However, the decline in high-profile extraditions might also be a sign of the success of Operation Fox Hunt, or that China has repatriated most of the fugitives in countries it has better relations with, such as Asean nations. The US state of Pennsylvania's supreme court dismissed another legal challenge to the election by supporters of President Donald Trump on Saturday, further reducing his already near-impossible odds of overturning the results. 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